Memorial Day Activities…

Next Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day.


I think some of us when we were very young recognized Memorial Day as simply an entire Monday to play outside, or if you were older it was a chance to sleep in. Holidays meant NO school, and unless you really loved waking up at 6am and ridding the bus, then you were probably a pretty happy kid.

However, as adults we learned that certain holidays represent more than just a day off.  Yes that part is nice, but certain holidays symbolize something greater, something important.

Now does this mean you can’t take full advantage of enjoying a barbecue with family, or head out on a mini trip during the three day weekend? Absolutely not.  Just make sure to take a moment to remember what Memorial Day is truly about.


Did you know the holiday first began on May 30, 1868? Union General John A. Logan declared the day an occasion to decorate the graves of Civil War soldiers. Twenty years later, the name was changed to Memorial Day and President Richard M. Nixon declared it a federal holiday in 1971.

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died while serving our country – it often gets confused with Veterans Day, but they are not the same. Veterans Day honors those who are currently fighting or have fought for our country. Memorial Day is for remembering those who have lost their lives while fighting for our freedom.

We pinned a few great ideas to help you celebrate this holiday at home with your little ones or right inside the classroom : )

But first…you could use these helpful books to strengthen their comprehension.

Click here to see a list on amazon or find some at your local library!


Now onto the activities!

Flags are always a classic symbol we use to show pride for our country, and one that your child or student will certainly recognize. Take a peek at these interactive flag crafts.

This one looks great for perfecting those fine motor skills.



You can find the full directions here

This looks like it would be a wonderful, “hands-on” activity : ) with the help of a little washable paint.

Patriotic Hand Print Craft 1_thumb

Patriotic Hand Print Craft 3_thumb

You can find the full directions here.

While this one is not a flag, it still has the colors and patriotic flare to it. Pop a battery operated tea light into the jar for a cute night light.



Click here for the simple directions.

We here at Kaymbu hope you enjoy the three day weekend, and have an even better time teaching your child or classroom about the true meaning of the holiday.

…And to all of our military men and women, words can not express our gratitude. Thank you for all that you do.

Happy Memorial Day!

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring is finally here, yay!


Who doesn’t love spring, and after this winter we really NEED it! When we start to see those buds magically appear over night I think everyone silently breaks into their happy dance. It means warmer weather is here, and summer is just around the corner.

To many, spring is also that chance to accomplish the goals they put off all winter. Hey, it happens to all of us!

There is no better time than now to do some great projects with your classroom, your children, a niece or nephew, or even just for yourself. Little do it yourself projects are very satisfying, inexpensive, and exciting. The tough part is setting aside sometime to just enjoy this season. We know you can do it!

Why buy a kite, when you can make one yourself for those windy spring days.

The mom of this blog had the same thought!


Full directions and cute pictures here:

With spring the sky is the limit, with everything from paper boats, to weather, to planting herbs, to cute little ducks. If you’re anything like us, we love pinterest and seeing what other educators and parents are up to.

So we here at Kaymbu made a board filled with easy spring projects you could do at home with your little ones, or right inside the classroom! Come check out these great ideas : )

Like this this cherry blossom tree using a recycled soda bottle, how clever!



Project credit from Alpha mom, thanks!

Full directions here:

Now that you’ve made all those great projects, take a break and read some books about spring under a shady tree.


This collection was put together by Amy Broadmoore over at Delightful Children’s Books and it’s fantastic.

Discover the list here:

Amy takes the time to tell what each book is about and what makes it special, so it’s definitely worth a look.

Have a great time completing your projects and enjoying this beautiful season.

Happy spring everyone!