Kaymbu takes on Digital Yearbooks!

With the end of the year coming to a close, we wanted to create a momento for parents and students so they could keep everlasting memories. After lengthy brainstorming, the team came up with the great idea of digital yearbooks with photos, videos, and a slideshow for each child! Everyone at Kaymbu worked for months to develop this idea. From the design of the product to the creation of it, everyone came together to make this project happen.

When asked about his inspiration and enthusiasm behind the digital yearbooks, Kin said “We send daily communications to parents from the Kaymbu system, but as a parent of a young child, I thought it would be a great to have a collection of these special moments to save”.

Once the idea was developed, it was time to create a design concept. We turned to our friends at Bolt and got help from the industrial designer Joshua Harris. He came up with a sleek design which included the following parts:


With the design ready, it was time to start production. While the CTO, Gui Pinto, created over a thousand slideshows and got the flash drives ready, Archanaa Sundraraj, the Marketing Manager, began laser cutting and assembling some of the pieces. “The hardest part was automating the generation of a thousand plus unique USB drives. It wasn’t just thousands of USB drives with the same pictures, but instead, each USB had its own set of photos,” said Gui. He had to work very diligently just like the rest of the team.


When we asked Archanaa how she felt about the process, she said “It was a mixture of excitement and a lot of hard work. The highlight was watching everyone collaborate: each person making the individual parts and then coming together to create a product that parents will love and treasure forever”.

After we had spent over 15 days creating each individual piece, it was time to assemble them! When we began this process, it was taking an extraneous amount of time, so we decided to try an assembly line. In one day we put together 800 digital yearbooks, but the next challenge was taking them all to the post office.


In the following days we finished all of the 1213 orders! We hope that with this product you can enjoy the precious memories with your loved ones. So, what is your favorite thing about your digital yearbook?

This guest post was written by Carolina Caldas Ramos. She is a high school student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School about to start her senior year. When she is not busy studying for the SAT, she likes going on bike rides and watching documentaries.