Take Flight: Learning about Birds!


Who doesn’t love waking up on a hot summer day to birds chirping? This is the perfect season to venture outside and explore the world of our feathery friends. From their delicate wings to their sharp beaks, there is so much to explore about birds! Join us on an adventure to learn more about them!

Birds are one of the most majestic animals, and nothing is more majestic than a peacock! Their vibrant colors, beautiful beak, and glamorous feathers will catch your little one’s eyes in a second. Check out this activity on how to make a beautiful peacock craft with just a few materials:

Outdoor Activities
Since we can never get enough of the summertime, it’s essential that we spend as much time as possible enjoying the outdoors! Also, what is better for learning than hands on experiences? Explore the natural habitat of birds in this awesome guided “All About Birds” scavenger hunt.

Sensory Tub
Everyone knows how much the little ones enjoy getting their hands dirty. Sensory tubs are a great way to teach the kids about bids and what their lives involve while also allowing them to stimulate their senses. Play a background soundtrack of birds chirping while you do this activity to add on to the experience.


Reading is a great way to learn more about something and it allows the imagination to run wild! Check out this amazing selection of books filled with educational information and beautiful illustrations.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a bird? You can get one step closer with these incredible snack ideas which are super easy to find! This will make you and the kids wish you could eat like a bird everyday!

Bird Feeder
Now that you’ve eaten like a bird, it’s time to feed our fluffy friends! Create a very simple bird feeder out of pinecones and watch as the birds fly over to snack on your delicious treats.

Now go outside, get excited, and explore the world of our feathered friends. With this ample variety of activities you are sure to spark the minds of your creative, adventurous, and curious kids as they learn more about a great animal!