Does your child HATE to read?


Would your child rather empty the dishwasher or clean their room instead of reading a book? Gasp! Actually this is quite normal, and don’t worry because you are NOT alone. This could be happening for many reasons, the most common being that they are feeling a little insecure about their reading skills. So how can you get them interested in reading more at home?

When the parents of my third graders came to me with this very same question last year, I put together a few easy steps to assist them. Hopefully they will have your child excited to read as well!

Step 1- Read with your child. This seems like a no-brainer right? Well not necessarily. We ALL get busy and as a parent you juggle many tasks. It’s sometimes difficult to make time.  However, there’s always a few spare moments to read. Just find 20  minutes, but it’s important to be consistent because after awhile they will really look forward to it.

Mother and daughter reading story

Remember consistency is key! When you have your reading “date” ask your child to read out loud in addition to you reading to them. You’ll know better where they are getting stuck. Kids often avoid reading because they think they’re not good at it. Don’t let them become frustrated and provide plenty of support and love. Remind them that you didn’t know a lot of words when you were young either.

Step 2- Make reading fun. It’s easy for children to forget that reading is an enjoyable experience and NOT a punishment. It activates their imaginations and can take them anywhere in the world and beyond!  Select books that are fun/easy reads at first. Let them have a hand in helping you select a book that THEY love. Just like you, your child has unique tastes! Try an author who ends each chapter with a white-knuckled cliffhanger, that helps a lot. Kids also LOVE to laugh, so silly books are always a plus! Don’t know what book is the best for your child’s age or reading level? Just ask a librarian!


Step 3- Try to only let them read that book in your sessions. Make it special and use the cliffhanger to get them excited for the next session. Encourage a similar themed separate book to read outside the reading sessions if they are catching the reading bug. If you can, relate to the book. Figure out how your child’s life or those he/she knows relates to the characters and talk about what you read. This helps critical thinking and makes it more enjoyable.


Step 4- Diversify your environment. If you can, try to read somewhere a little bit different a few times a month and get out of the house. Take a blanket outside, visit a quaint coffee shop, or go to the library for a change of scenery. OR if you are staying in help transform a small section of your child’s room into a reading paradise with the ideas below!


So I bet you want to know, is this expensive? It’s definitely not.

Can you REALLY make this? ABSOLUTELY!


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Now this one is just plain amazing and totally do-able. A no sew teepee!

Surprisingly simple directions and inexpensive to make!




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To get them even more excited to read why not make some bookmarks together?

Kids LOVE these, and it really helps them take ownership of what they are reading : )

How awesome are these monsters?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.56.48 AM

***Click for full and simple directions***

Make this yarn bookmark for yourself or for older children that want a more sophisticated look.




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Or print up one or all of these awesome motivational bookmarks! Perfect for ANY reader and absolutely adorable!


***Ciick here for printing*** Thank you for making these!

Remember, if you can show your child that reading is exciting, they will love it too!

Hope these tips have been helpful and that you have a wonderful week : )

Happy reading!