How Kindergarten Kiosk’s Kathy Crane uses Kaymbu

I have been teaching Kindergarten for over two-decades, and I can say with great certainty that the most important factor of student success is ongoing communication between school and home. This communication will not only help teachers make more informed decisions regarding academics, behavior, etc., it will provide parents with key understanding of what is going on in the classroom and what is expected of them and their little learners.

I have been using Kaymbu this year in my classroom as a means to quickly connect with my student’s parents. I have found it to not only be teacher and parent friendly, but I have found that it has increased student academic success.

This short video is a young kindergartner reading an emergent reader. As he is reading, I simply grab my iPad, take a short video using Kaymbu, click the student’s name and press send. The parents now have a sample of their student receiving guided instruction sitting in their email inbox. And, yes, it can go to both parent’s emails and even grandma!

Or, I may video the student reading through a set of sight words. I will then press the send button to the parent’s email, and then I will simply press “print flashcards” on my ESGI assessment application, hand the paper to the student to take home and ‘viola, the parents now can immediately see the assessment, and they will have the actual flashcards of the words that need extra practice in their student’s backpack that night.

Parents are always commenting on this immediate home/school connection. They feel connected to the classroom and are more willing and eager to assist students with their academic pursuit.

[wpvideo MbD1CB5J]

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