Teacher Spotlight: Weston Fillman

If you visit Bay-Brook Elementary/Middle School, Room 104, you will find Weston Fillman teaching 16 four and five year-olds in his college-themed classroom. Mr. Fillman uses a variety of engaging teaching strategies – from college chants to finger plays – but he is adamant that the biggest driver of learning in his classroom is family relationships.

Mr. Fillman began using Kaymbu to strengthen family engagement last January and the results have been astonishing. Before using Kaymbu, Mr. Fillman says he did not have very many regular volunteers during academic days, and only three to four parents volunteer for field trips.

“After I started using Kaymbu in my classroom,” Mr. Fillman says, “I saw a noticeable upward trend in parental engagement in my classroom. Each day before or after school parents would stop to talk with me about the pictures and videos I sent to them throughout the previous day or week. Parents loved seeing what their kids were doing each day in the classroom and were much more interested in what was now happening in class each day.”

So how does Mr. Fillman use Kaymbu?

“I used Kaymbu in a number of different ways in my classroom. One of my favorite uses of Kaymbu was to show parents how we engaged in student-directed learning to show them what their students were capable of and accomplishing  — whether it was reading independently, leading classroom activities, or writing all by themselves. Another favorite use of Kaymbu was taking pictures of notices that were important for all parents to read and tagging the whole class. That way I knew that important news made it right to a parents’ inbox instead of lost in the hallway after school.”

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